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E-Newsletter - November 2019




November  2019

Recent Events



"Smoking Hazards 2.0" Health Education and Publicity Programme

To educate the mass public, particularly young people, on hazards of alternative smoking products, COSH is organizing “Smoking Hazards 2.0 of Alternative Smoking Products” health promotion activities, including roving health promotion exhibitions, tailor-made health seminars and health education resources from September 2019. Roving exhibitions are held in shopping malls and communities starting from September 2019. The exhibitions clarify the misleading claims and marketing strategy of tobacco industry; introduce tobacco control policies in Hong Kong and methods to deal with the epidemic of these alternative smoking products through interactive panels and game. Also, the health seminar is now open for application from organizations.

Premiere of School Interactive Education Theatre encourages students to detect smoking hazards and spread smoke free message to their family

Since 1995, the School Interactive Education Theatre has been one of the major education and publicity campaigns of COSH to spread the smoke-free messages and promote a smoke-free lifestyle among children and teenagers through cooperation with schools and local professional troupes. This year’s prorgramme is co-organized by the Education Bureau and in collaboration with iStage for the first time to launch a brand-new drama titled “Smoke-free Detective Adventure”. With the support of Ocean Park Hong Kong, the character, REDD is featured in the show. The premiere was held earlier with over 300 students, teachers and guests attended. For details, please visit


News Headline



Chat-based instant messaging support helps smokers to quit


Mobile instant messaging has become a part of most Hong Kongers’ life in recent years. A local study found that chat-based instant messaging support can increase quit rate by 60-90%.




Cigarette price in Australia has surged to HK$187 per pack after tobacco tax increase in 7 consecutive years 


The World Health Organization suggests raising tobacco price through tax increase as the single most effective tobacco control measure, and regular significant tax increase to continually reduce affordability of tobacco products. Australia has recently increased the tobacco tax again, making the cigarette price surged to about HK$187 per pack.



Five deaths linked to e-cigarette use in the US 


As of early September 2019, more than 450 people in the US have developed severe respiratory diseases after using e-cigarettes, with 5 deaths reported.



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