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May 2018

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Be a Smoke-free Athlete

The focus of World No Tobacco Day 2018 is “Tobacco and heart disease”. To raise the awareness of public on the link between tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke, and heart and other cardiovascular diseases, COSH will launch a publicity programme with the theme of “Be a Smoke-free Athlete” in order to promote replacing smoking by a healthy habit such as participating in various kinds of sports so as to resist the tobacco craving and improve heart health. The public can join as a “Smoke-free Athlete” and take the “Smoke-free Athlete One Minute Exercise Challenge” and get a chance to win fabulous prizes.

The 8th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign Prize Presentation Ceremony 

The 8th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign has been successfully completed. With participation from District Councils, community organizations and supporting organizations, about 70 recruitment sessions and over 30 district-based smoke-free activities were organized across the territory. More than 1,300 smokers were recruited to join the Contest to kick the habit and smoke-free messages were promoted to over 45,000 members of public. A prize presentation ceremony was held on 21 March 2018 to award the winners and share their joy and tips of smoking cessation.

Smoke-free Teens Programme 2018-19

Smoke-free Teens Programme aims to nurture teenagers to become future leaders in promoting smoke-free culture and is now open for application. The programme consists of the 2-day-1-night training camp in July and August and the Smoke-free Programmes in Schools and Community during September to December. Secondary 1 to 4 students or teenagers aged 14 to 18 are welcomed to enrol by 27 June 2018.


News Headline



Extension of smoking ban at bus interchanges 


To safeguard public health and minimize citizens’ exposure to secondhand smoke in public areas, the Hong Kong Government has designated eight out of eleven bus interchanges leading to expressways or tunnels as no smoking areas in March 2016. The remaining three bus interchanges will also be listed as statutory no smoking area on 31 August 2018.



COSH's response to the latest smoking prevalence of Hong Kong


According to the Thematic Household Survey Report No. 64 released by Census and Statistics Department, the prevalence of daily cigarette smokers of Hong Kong (aged 15 and over) dropped to 10.0% in 2017 which is equivalent to around 615,000 persons. It is the lowest rate recorded since 1982. The smoking prevalence of male and female daily cigarette smokers were 18.1% and 2.7% respectively.



No sound evidence on risk reduction of heat-not-burn tobacco products
The US Food and Drug Administration Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee pointed out that Philip Morris International (PMI) failed to provide adequate scientific support to their claims of their heat-not-burn (HNB) tobacco product, namely IQOS, in helping to reduce the risk and harm of tobacco-related illness, aiding adult smokers to switch to the use of HNB products completely and realize the risks after reading their labels and advertisements.



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