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E-Newsletter - August 2017




August 2017

Recent Events



The 8th "Quit to Win" Smoke-free Community Campaign

The 8th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign was unveiled by a kick-off event on 20 June 2017. Recruitment activities are organized across the territory until September 2017 to encourage smokers to join the 8th “Quit to Win” Contest and kick the habit. Smoke-free promotion will also be organized in collaboration with district partners and supporting organizations to spread the smoke-free messages and mobilize non-smokers to support smoking cessation.

Smoke-free Family Facebook page

Social media are widely used in our daily life. To enhance interaction and communication with the public and further promote the smoke-free messages to every sector, COSH set up a "Smoke-free Family" Facebook page  ( to release news of COSH's activities and information related to smoking and health timely.


News Headline



Positive association was found between cigarette price increase and smoking cessation


A study from the United States reveals a significant correlation between cigarette price hike and various indicators on smoking behavior, including smoking cessation.



Tobacco manufacturer owes huge compensation to Australian Government


In 2012, the Australian Government implemented plain packaging which stipulates standardized packaging for tobacco products. Tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris will be forced to pay the legal fees for Australia after its failed litigation against Plain Packaging laws.



E-cigarettes could be as harmful as traditional cigarettes


Scientists from the University of Connecticut discovered that e-cigarettes are potentially as harmful as traditional cigarettes to DNA.





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