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May 2017

Recent Events



Mobilize different sectors in the community to encourage smokers to kick the habit at Smoke-free Support Station

World Health Organization has designated “Tobacco – a threat to development” as the theme of World No Tobacco Day 2017 (31 May) with the aims to encourage the governments to step up tobacco control efforts and to motivate individuals commit to never taking up tobacco products or by quitting the habit. COSH launched a publicity programme with the theme of “Smoke-free Support Station” and got the support from over 130 companies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, smoking cessation service providers and schools by setting up “Smoke-free Support Stations” across the territory to promote a smoke-free lifestyle, as well as to mobilize the public to encourage their family members and friends to quit smoking. For more details, please visit: or

Smoke-free Teens Programme 2017-18

Smoke-free Teens Programme (formerly known as “Smoke-free Youth Ambassador Leadership Training Programme”) aims to nurture teenagers to become future leaders and promote smoke-free culture. This year’s programme is co-organized by Education Bureau and is now open for application. The programme consists of the "Smoke-free Teens Training Camp" in July and August 2017 and "Smoke-free Programmes in Schools and Community" during September to December 2017 which equip the participants with knowledge on tobacco control and smoking hazards, as well as various skills.

The 7th “Quit to Win” Contest cum Smoke-free Community Campaign Prize Presentation Ceremony

The 7th “Quit to Win” Contest cum Smoke-free Community Campaign has been successfully completed. With support from District Councils and community organizations, nearly 70 recruitment sessions and over 35 smoke-free activities were organized across the territory. More than 1,300 smokers were recruited to join the Contest and smoke-free messages were promoted to over 40,000 members of public. A prize presentation ceremony was held on 17 March 2017 to award the winners and share their joy and quit tips.


News Headline



Scientists discovered linkage between smoking and skin cancer


Scientists from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, which is under the University of Queensland, found a link between smoking and a common form of skin cancer.



COSH's response to the enlargement of pictorial health warnings proposed by the Government


The Government briefed the legislative proposals to strengthen tobacco control in May 2015, including enlarging the size of pictorial health warning to at least 85% of the two largest surfaces of the packet and of the retail container, increasing the number of forms of health warning from six to twelve and adding quitline 1833 183. The proposal was published in the Gazette on 21 April 2017.



More than 10% of global deaths were attributable to smoking


Smoking causes huge number of life loss and disease burden. A research study recently published in the reputable medical journal “The Lancet” found that 11.5% of global deaths were attributable to smoking in 2015.





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