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E-Newsletter - November 2016




November 2016

Recent Events



"Quit Tips Keyart Design Competition"

COSH organizes the “Quit Tips Keyart Design Competition” to encourage the youth to help construct a smoke-free environment with their design talent. Local secondary school students and teenagers aged 11 to 18 are welcome to join the competition through their schools, youth centres and uniform groups. Participants should create the quit tips keyart with a slogan of less than 15 words to encourage and help smokers kick the habit and join the “Smoke-free Family”. Deadline for application is 9 December 2016.

Smoke-free Construction Force

Around 45 percent of construction workers smoke regularly according to a survey. COSH organizes a tailored programme “Smoke-free Construction Force” and will provide health talks, smoking cessation service referrals and collaterals to assist companies of the industry in promoting smoke-free culture and encouraging smoking cessation to safeguard employee’s occupational safety and health.

New APIs "Urge Smokers to Quit!" and "Quit now"
Two new APIs titled “Urge Smokers to Quit!” and “Quit now” were launched in September 2016. API “Urge Smokers to Quit!” targets at female smokers who smoke mainly due to emotional problems and stress. Their family and friends can help them relieve stress and get rid of the negative emotion, as well as support them to kick the habit. API “Quit now” aims to remind smokers to protect themselves, their families and friends from the hazards of smoking and secondhand smoke by quitting smoking.

School Interactive Education Theatre Programme "Smoke-free Alliance"
The School Interactive Education Theatre Programme has launched a brand-new drama titled “Smoke-free Alliance” this year. A premiere was held at the Academic Community Hall, Hong Kong Baptist University on 13 October 2016 attended by over 600 primary school students, teachers and media.

Elderly Smoking Cessation Promotion Project 2016-17  "Be Smoke-free for Good Fortune" Event
The Project organized a series of activities, including health talks, visits to elderly centres, smoke-free doll workshop, street promotions and radio promotions to disseminate the smoke-free messages to the elderly and encourage elderly smokers to quit. A publicity event was held on 27 October 2016 to further spread the smoke-free messages. The Project has distributed the quit pledge cards to more than 100 smokers and spread the smoke-free messages to more than 4,000 elderly and members of public.

News Headline



Smoking fathers increase risk of asthma in future offspring


A foreign research recently found that offspring will be more likely to suffer non-allergic early-onset asthma if their fathers smoked before conception. The earlier the fathers smoked, the higher the risk.



New Zealand Enacted the Bill of Plain Packaging


The New Zealand Parliament has passed the third reading of the Smoke-free Environments (Tobacco Standardized Packaging) Amendment Bill and officially launched plain packaging.





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