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Singapore has implemented plain packaging
As part of the multipronged tobacco control efforts, the Singapore government has adopted plain packaging for all tobacco products since 1 July 2020.

The new measure restricts the use of logos, colours, images and promotional information on the packaging of all tobacco products sold in Singapore, including cigarettes, cigars and hand rolled cigarettes, etc. Tobacco packets of all brands are required to be sold in standardized colour, size, shape and materials, with brand and variant names in standardized font style and colour. Meanwhile, the pictorial health warning has been enlarged from 50% to 75% of the packet surface. Together with existing tobacco control measures, such as education, taxation, point-of-sale tobacco product display ban and prohibition of alternative smoking products, plain packaging is expected to discourage smoking in non-smokers, encourage quitting in smokers and promote smoke-free lifestyle in Singaporeans.

Plain packaging is a tobacco control measure recommended by the World Health Organization, and has come or will come into effect in nearly 20 countries. COSH’s Tobacco Control Policy-related Survey 2018 found that majority (79.9%) of Hong Kong people and over half current smokers (52.6%) supported plain packaging. COSH urges the Government to adopt plain packaging to reduce the appeal of tobacco packets and strengthen the effectiveness of pictorial health warnings, thus reducing smoking in Hong Kong.

Source: Channel News Asia
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