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Survey points out the misconceptions toward e-cigarettes’ safety

Survey findings recently published by a political party indicated that there are misconceptions towards e-cigarettes’ safety among the e-cigarette users. They thought that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes and help quit smoking.

The survey interviewed 1,403 people who are aware of e-cigarettes. 6.6% have ever used or are currently using e-cigarettes. The result is much higher than that of the similar survey conducted by COSH in 2014, which was 1.8%. It could signify a rapid growth of use in a year.

Of all ever users, 23.7% reported the reason of use was that they believed e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes; 20.4% believed e-cigarettes could help quit smoking”; and 15.1% simply followed the trend. The survey also found that 65.7% of all respondents worried about e-cigarette use would initiate smoking among the youngsters and 69.1% thought the current regulations on e-cigarettes are insufficient.

Safety and efficacy of smoking cessation of e-cigarettes are not proved. The survey findings indicated that some of the public have been misled about the safety of e-cigarettes by the advertising strategies. In addition, the general public started to be aware of its potential influence on the uptake of smoking among youngsters and looked for tightened regulations. Legislative proposal on the prohibition of e-cigarettes are rendered by the Government in May 2015. To safeguard public health, COSH envisions the proposal could be passed promptly.

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