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Enactment of Smoke-free Legislations in Macau in 2012

The latest amendments of smoke-free legislation which have been endorsed by Legislative Council of Macau SAR on 18 April 2011 will be effect in 2012.

Other than exempted areas, indoor workplaces, public government departments (such as legislation, judiciary and execution departments), transportation and social service facilities, shopping and recreational establishments as well as some outdoor public places are designated into no smoking areas. Tobacco advertisements, promotion and sponsorship are prohibited whereas sales of tobacco products are regulated as well.
Smoke-free areas in entertainment establishments will be gradually expanded in 2013 and 2015 whereas incoming duty-free cigarettes, packaging and health warning of tobacco products will be further restricted.
According to the report released by Statistics and Census Service in 2008, the smoking prevalence of Macau people aged 14 or above was 17.3%. The Health Bureau has established cessation clinics in different districts since 2010.
Currently the average retail price of cigarettes is around MOP20 per pack. Smoking Abstention and Good Health Association suggested the Macau Government to raise the tobacco tax as tobacco tax is an effective measure in tobacco control.
Source: Macao Association Health Policy (Chinese version only)
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