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Passive Smoking Kills 600,000 people a Year
World Health Organization (WHO) released the latest research results at ‘The Lancet’ for a report of “secondhand smoke kills over 600,000 people every year”.
Professor Annette Prüss-Ustün and WHO researchers based on the figures of 2004 for statistical analysis. 192 countries were clustered into 14 regions and 2 sub-groups for children and non-smokers for ratios of suffering from different illnesses. The results indicated that among non-smoking population, 40% of children, 35% women and 33% men were exposed to secondhand smoke and prone to higher risks for the following diseases :

No of persons
Cardiac Vascular Disease
Lower Respiratory Infections
Lung Cancer
The statistical analysis reflected that secondhand smoke kills 600,000 people every year and half of them are women, men and children come next. In addition to 5.1 million people die of smoking-related diseases, the total number of deaths caused by tobacco consumption is over 5.7 million every year.
Prof Stanton Glantz, Head of Tobacco Control Research and Education Unit from University of California, San Francisco expressed population protected by the smoke-free laws just occupied 7.4% globally. Thus, it was critical to implement comprehensive tobacco control policy in protect people’s health. The study also exposed a significant immediate consequence from smoke-free laws as it resulted from 10% to 20% reduction of Cardiac Vascular Diseases and reduction of social costs and medical expenses from tobacco consumption.  Comprehensive smoke-free legislation encourages smoking cessation. 
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