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Smoke-free Teens Programme

Smoke-free Teens Programme 

Smoke-free Teens Programme aims to nurture teenagers to become future leaders in the society and to promote smoke-free culture.  

The programme is co-organized by the Education Bureau. It consists of the "Smoke-free Teens Training Camp" in July and August and "Smoke-free Programmes in Schools and Community" during September to December which equip the participants with knowledge on tobacco control and smoking hazards. Their leadership, creative and critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills, team work, programme planning, counselling techniques of smoking cessation and social media marketing technique will also be enhanced.

Participating schools/organizations can register the programme as the Education Bureau’s Other Learning Experience (OLE) activities under “Moral and Civic Education” area. Participants who join the programme via schools may count as OLE lesson time.


Smoke-free Teens Programme was first launched in 2012 by COSH. With the support of various secondary schools, youth centres and uniform groups, over 2,300 teenagers have been trained as young leaders on tobacco control. Participants are equipped with knowledge on smoking hazards and tobacco control through the programme and act as ambassadors to disseminate the message of smoke-free lifestyle in their schools and the community.


• To equip a group of young leaders with updated knowledge of smoking hazards and global trend on tobacco control and sustain their pioneering role in tobacco control;
• To penetrate the smoke-free messages into schools and community via the Smoke-free Teens;
• To encourage the Smoke-free Teens to act as role model and develop a smoke-free healthy lifestyle; and
• To equip the young leaders with basic smoking cessation counselling skills.

Target Audience


  • • Secondary 1 to 4 students in academic year of 2018-19 or teenagers aged 14 to 18


From July to March of next year


I. Smoke-free Teens Training Camp
The Smoke-free Teens Training Camps will be held in the summer holiday. Participants can not only acquire knowledge on smoking hazards and tobacco control, but also be equipped with skills on leadership, creative and critical thinking, communication, problem solving, team building, programme planning, counseling techniques of smoking cessation as well as social media marketing technique through the 2-Day-1-Night Training Camp.

Smoke-free Teens Training Camp

II. Smoke-free Programmes in Schools and Community
During September to December, the trained Smoke-free Teens will take up the role to spread and promote smoke-free messages in their schools and community through organizing smoke-free programmes with their creativity. The programmes raise public awareness on smoking hazards and gather their support to public health policies. The Smoke-free Teens will also encourage their friends, family and neighbour to quit smoking and strive for a smoke-free Hong Kong.

Smoke-free Programmes in Schools and Community

III. Award Presentation Ceremony
TTo commend the outstanding Smoke-free Teens and schools/organizations for their efforts on establishing smoke-free culture, an award presentation ceremony will be held in March of next year.

Awards and Prizes

Champion: Trophy and book voucher (HK$500)*
1st Runner-up: Trophy and book voucher (HK$300)*
2nd Runner-up: Trophy and book voucher (HK$200)*
Outstanding Team: Certificate and book voucher (HK$50)*
*for each participant

Certificates will be presented to participants who have completed the entire programme. Smoke-free Teens with outstanding performance may be offered a summer internship opportunity in COSH to learn and experience about programme planning and promoting tobacco control work.

List of winners in previous years

IV. Smoke-free Teens Alumni Programme
The participants are encouraged to join the Smoke-free Teens Alumni Programme (download the application form, Chinese version only) and continue to promote smoke-free message by attending sharing sessions, managing game booths and exhibitions in the community and participating in other tobacco control activities organized by COSH. COSH has registered as the Volunteer Movement Participating Organization. Participation in COSH activities can be recognized as voluntary service in Volunteer Movement. The activities can also be registered as Other Learning Experience (OLE) Activities under “Moral and Civic Education” area. Participants who join the programme via schools may count as OLE lesson time.

Volunteer Movement

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OrganizerHong Kong Council on Smoking and Health     Co-organizerHKSAR Education Bureau

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