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Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2019

To encourage all industries to promote smoke-free culture and smoking cessation to their employees, customers, the general public and other stakeholders, COSH, with full support of over 80 major commerce chambers and associations in Hong Kong, organizes the “Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2019” together with Occupational Safety and Health Council and Radio 1 of Radio Television Hong Kong this year. Partnering with various smoking cessation service providers, COSH assisted businesses in setting up smoke-free workplaces and policies, organizing diverse activities and providing different smoking cessation services to motivate smokers to embrace a smoke-free lifestyle.

Since 2011, the Awards has attracted participation of over 1,000 companies and organizations from different industries. The Awards in 2019 scaled new height with more than 530 companies participating, a 10% increase as compared with the Awards in 2016. Over 130,000 employees from a wide variety of industries were benefited, including banking, property management, retail, logistics, transportation, construction and government departments, etc.

With growing consciousness of staff health among the employers, the businesses have been implementing sustainable smoke-free policies on all fronts. After rounds of assessment and meeting by the independent Judging Panel on 16 December 2019, two companies will receive the Triple Gold Awards for their continuous commitment; 14 companies will receive the Gold Awards, and two of them will also receive the Outstanding Smoke-free Community Involvement Awards for recognition of remarkable contribution in spreading smoke-free messages in the community; 16 companies will receive the Silver Awards and over 400 companies will be awarded the Certificates of Merit for recognition of their support to smoke-free culture.

The Awards hoped to unite the power of all enterprises and organizations to penetrate smoke-free messages among employees, customers and people from all walks of life in order to strive for a smoke-free Hong Kong.

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