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COSH responds to the legislative proposals to strengthen tobacco control
Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (“COSH”) expressed full support to the proposals to strengthen tobacco control measures at the special meeting held by the Panel on Health Services of the Legislative Council today. COSH is glad that most of the citizens and representatives of organizations and companies from different sectors supported the proposals at the meeting, including enlarging the size of pictorial health warnings to at least 85% of the cigarette pack area and increasing the number of forms of health warning to twelve, smoking ban at eight bus interchanges located within the tunnel portal areas and prohibiting e-cigarettes.

COSH Chairman Antonio KWONG remarked, “COSH has collected over 20,000 signatures from citizens, organizations and companies of different sectors of the society supporting the proposed measures and expressed our views at today’s meeting. It is hoped that the Government and members of the Legislative Council could listen to the public’s views. Besides, international experiences have proved that these measures could effectively reduce tobacco use and further protect the public from smoking hazards. COSH urges the Government to put forward the proposals into legislative procedures as soon as possible.”

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