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Mr. Antonio KWONG, MH Photo

"Join us for a Smoke-free Hong Kong!"

Protecting the public health has topped the priority list of Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health since its establishment. COSH has been sparing no efforts on raising public awareness on tobacco hazards and encouraging smokers to quit smoking through a series of education and publicity programmes for all walks of life. We also proactively advocate the Government for strengthening the tobacco control policies and collaborate with different sectors of the community to strive for a smoke-free Hong Kong.
Since the enactment of the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance in 1982, the Government, COSH and various sectors of the community has worked diligently together to reduce the use of tobacco through a multi-pronged approach including legislation, taxation, publicity, education, law enforcement and promotion of smoking cessation. The latest smoking prevalence of Hong Kong was 10.2% in 2019, which is lower than the global figure of 22% announced by the World Health Organization, as a result of the effective tobacco control policies and great efforts of different sectors.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Government, public organizations, academic and education institutions, district and social welfare organizations, media and different stakeholders in the community for their support to the tobacco control works in Hong Kong. COSH urges the Government to implement long-term and comprehensive tobacco control policies and measures, including expanding the statutory no-smoking areas, raising tobacco tax, banning display and all forms of promotion of tobacco products and increasing resources on smoking cessation, education, promotion, enforcement and combatting illicit cigarette trade to further reduce the smoking prevalence.
Antonio KWONG, MH
Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health
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